Schools listed below are looking to find schools to play a duel match or compete in a tournament.  If your school is interested in filling one of these openings, please contact the coach or athletic director listed directly.  Once an opening is filled, please email so that the listing can be removed.

If you have an opening that you would like to add to these lists, please complete the Match Hotline form by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Boys’ Tennis


SchoolLooking ForDatesContactPhoneEmail
Adams CentralJoining an InvitationalMulti Dates in SeptMichael Hower(260)
Bishop DwengerMulti Dual MatchesMulti DatesTim Koehl(260)
Chesterton2 Teams for 8 Team Invitational9/2/17Tom
Chesterton1 Duel Match1st two of seasonTom
Evansville Mater Dei1 Dual MatchMulti DatesChristine Clements(812) 449-7420
Evansville RietzDuel Matches (Multi)Multi DatesCole
Franklin County1 TourneyMulti DatesTodd
Franklin County2 Dual MatchesMulti DatesTodd
Fremont1 Team for 4 Team Invitational8/19/17Neal
MunsterDual Matches (Multi)Multi DatesPatrick Spohr(219)
Richmond1 Team for 8 Team Invitational9-2-17Randy Hollingsworth (765) 966-4063
Richmond2 Dual MatchesMulti DatesRandy Hollingsworth (765) 966-4063
SB St Joseph (JV)1 Team for JV Invitational8/26/17Steve Bender(269)
TH SouthSrimmageMulti DatesBrain Mancuso (AD)
Triton1 Dual MatchMulti DatesAllen Peckham (574)
Vincennes LincolnMulti Teams for 4 Team Invitational8/26/17Tim Hutchison(812)
Warren Central1 Team for 8 Team Invitational8/19/17Jason Wagner(317) 363-3509
Western Boone1 Team for 4 Team Invitational8/26/17Dustin Cunningham(765)


Girls’ Tennis


SchoolLooking ForDatesContactPhoneEmail
Munster JVJoin JV Invitational5-6-18Patrick Spohr(219)
Penn JVTeams for 8 Team Invitational4-21-18Eric Bowers(574)
TH South1 Team for 4 Team Invitational 4-18-18Brian Mancuso(812)
TritonJoin Varsity InvitationalMulti DatesAllen Peckham(574) 339-6659
Zionsville3 Teams for 8 Team Invitational4-28-18Matt