Schools listed below are looking to find schools to play a duel match or compete in a tournament.  If your school is interested in filling one of these openings, please contact the coach or athletic director listed directly.  Once an opening is filled, please email so that the listing can be removed.

If you have an opening that you would like to add to these lists, please complete the Match Hotline form by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Girls’ Tennis


SchoolLooking ForDatesContactPhoneEmail
CentervilleJoin Team Invitational4/6/19Randy Ecker(765)
Evans ReitzJoin Team InvitationalMulti DatesCole Claybourn(812)
Evansville ReitzJoin a Team Invitational4/20Cole Claybourn(812)
FW CanterburyTeam(s) for 4 Team Invitational 4/20 Jerry GerigN/
Kankakee ValleyJoin Team InvitationalMulti DatesSteve Ganzeveld(219)
LapelJoin Team Invitational4/20 or 5/4Justin Coomer(765)
LogansportMulti Dual MatchesApril 2-4, May 2-9Adam Thompson(765)
LogansportScrimmage3/19 or 3/21Adam Thompson(765)
PortageTeams of 8 Team Doubles Invitational 4/20Scott Garrison(219)
TH SouthTeam(s) for 4 Team Invitational4/13/19Brian MancusoN/
TritonMulti Dual MatchesMulti DatesAl PeckhamN/
ValparaisoJoin a Team Invitational4/27 or 5/4Timothy Shideler(219)
Western BooneTeams for 4 Team Invitational4/13Colin Haney(765)


Boys’ Tennis


SchoolLooking ForDatesContactPhoneEmail
Bethany Christian1 Dual MatchMulti datesMatthew Miller(260)
Guerin1 Team for 4 Team INV8/24Chris Sciaudone(317)
Kankakee ValleyJoin InvitationalMulti DatesSteve Ganzeveld(219)
TH South1 Team for 4 Team INV09/14Brian Mancuso(812)