Head Boys & Girls (Muncie Burris)

Muncie Burris High School is in immediate need of a Head Girls Tennis Coach.

Any interested candidate should send their resume to:

All Interested applicants should submit cover letter and resume with coaching philosophy to crwlodarek@bsu.edu Chad Wlodarek Muncie Burris Athletic Director.


Pre-Season & Post Season Duties
1. Equipment
a. Properly store equipment after each practice and contest.
b. Issue equipment to athletes by utilizing equipment form
c. Inform parents and Athletic Director of equipment return date following Athletic Policy in Coaches’ Handbook.
d. Properly store equipment at end of season completing an inventory of all equipment and submitting to Athletic Director during evaluation.
2. Organization
a. Define upcoming season goals and expectations for upcoming season and submit to Athletic Director.
b. Maintain an off-season training program throughout the year increasing frequency one month prior to first eligible practice.
c. Conduct pre-season meeting with athletes at minimum two weeks before start of first eligible practice.
3. Evaluations
a. Self-evaluation
b. Evaluate assistants at end of season utilizing evaluation form located in Coaches’ Handbook.
c. Meet with Athletic Director within two weeks of completion of season to review program, go over evaluations and discuss schedule for following season.

In Season Responsibilities:
1. Athletic Contest Management
a. Pre-game responsibility
i. Set-up scorecards.
ii. Distribute match balls.
b. In-game responsibility
c. Post-game responsibility
i. Do not leave until all athletes have been picked up.
2. Practice Planning and Organization
a. Ensure physical examinations and code of conduct forms have been submitted before allowing athletes to practice.
3. Statistics and Records
a. Maintain accurate rosters throughout the season and report changes to Athletic Director
b. Hold student athletes accountable for academic eligibility by enforcing Student Academic Athletic Probation policy.
c. Submit Individual and team records to Athletic Director within 24 hours of contest final.
d. Reporting results to Star Press within 24 hours of contest final

Desired Coaching Qualities:
1. Attitude
a. Personal e. Crisis management
b. Team f. Cooperation with faculty and staff
c. Leadership g. Cooperation with other coaches
d. Enthusiasm h. Cooperation with other programs
2. Controlling Behavior
a. Example setting e. Training rules
b. Team discipline f. Motivation
c. Goal setting g. Personality differences
d. Loyalty h. Dealing with parents
3. Attendance
a. Athletes
b. Assistant coaches
c. Head coach
4. Program Evaluation and Improvement
a. Analysis
b. Goal setting
c. Vision
d. Follow-through