Carefully read the instructions before filling out this nomination form.

  1. Only designated VARSITY tennis coaches may nominate.
  2. Only high school results/information from this season will be considered.   (NO USTA TOURNAMENT INFORMATION OR RANKING information considered)
  3. Coaches MUST provide a complete listing of the nominee’s 2019 record on the PLAYER RECORD FORM. Due Monday, October 14th.  PLEASE SUBMIT EARLIER THAN October 14th IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, ESPECIALLY IF YOUR PLAYERS HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED IN SECTIONAL OR REGIONAL
  4. Forms must be sent to your District Meeting Chairmen in advance or must be brought to the District Meeting on Wednesday, October 16th.
  5. Forms must be completely filled out and turned in before the meeting begins.
  6. A player may be nominated for either singles or doubles, not both.
  7. Please fill in ALL boxes to ensure that any awards are delivered to the correct person.

Visit our Criteria for Postseason Awards page for more information on how All-District and All-State Awards are determined.

If you miss the deadline   You will have to bring a completed player record sheet to the district meeting and give it to the District Chair to get your player on the nomination agenda.    

(REVISED: Summer 2019)

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    This is extremely important as your form is sent directly to the District Chair. If you are not sure of your district, click on "Information" above drop down menu and look under "State Tennis Programs".
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