1. ALL players who are scheduled to play varsity in the post season MUST be included
  2. You may include your 1st alternate as long as they have played varsity during the season.
  3. Players GPA must be a cumulative GPA throughout high school.
  4. All GPA’s must be converted to a Non-Weighted 4.00 scale
  5. Nomination form must be signed digitally by Coach or Principal.
  6. Nominating coach must be a member of the IHSTeCA (you can join now!)
  7. All criteria listed on the application must be met to be nominated.

Visit our Criteria for Postseason Awards page for more information on how All-District and All-State Awards are determined.

Application Deadline:  September 28th, 2018


Please note that the certificate will be sent to the coach.

  • Tennis Season

    If you are not sure of your district, click on "Information" above drop down menu and look under "State Tennis Programs".
  • Coach's Contact Information

  • Team Information

  • Reminder

    1. All GPA's listed below MUST be converted to a 4.00 scale to be eligible.
    2. Only players who played at least one match in the postseason are eligible to be counted.
    3. Average must be at least a 3.60 on a 4.00 non-weighted scale. (Coach must make sure grades are converted to a NON-WEIGHTED scale for them to be considered.)
  • NameYear in SchoolGPA 
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  • (Calculate by adding all above GPA's and divide by the number of players who played a varsity match in the post season). Teams with an average GPA of 3.6 or higher will be honored as Team Academic All-State.